Napoleonic French Cavalry Tents

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Napoleonic French Cavalry Tents

Сообщение Robinson » 14 май 2018, 11:03


I'm back with another Napoleonic question! Thanks to all your good help & advice, my team managed to set up a small regiment of Red Lancers. Of course, this project is already getting way way out of hand, so now we want appropriate props & encampment and everything as well. So first of all, we're looking at period tents, which is turning out to be more challenging than expected. Apparently, Prussian cavalry (and possibly British Cavalry as well, according to Tent Smiths) used bell wegde tents, with the rounded backs (to put your saddle, apparently?While it's tempting to assume this was the same for French/Dutch cavalry, I'd still like to be sure, but I haven't been able to dig up anything about the subject. I was hoping anyone here has some knowledge of period tents?

Please help.

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