Glue for bonding PVC/Hypalon to transom

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Glue for bonding PVC/Hypalon to transom

Сообщение Robinson » 16 май 2018, 11:17


Can anyone advise me on the best glue to use to bond pontoons to a new transom.A few years ago I was given a RIB and as is so often the case with old boats, the transom was totally vrot. I got stuck into redoing the boat but stopped work on it for a few years because I had more interesting boats to do up. I've now made an oath to myself "no new boats until the RIB has been fixed and has found a new owner".The pontoons are hypalon and still in good shape though faded. The "flaps" that bond to the pontoons and to the transom look to me like PVC. I have made a decent new transom out of marine ply, heavily coated with 2K and epoxied in place. but I've never had any experience of bonding the pontoons back onto the new transom. The transom is 2K at the front (inboard) and GRP (the original part of the hull) at the back. Hope this all makes sense.Any and all advise would be appreciated.

Please help.

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