Snowmobiles mess up our TV

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Snowmobiles mess up our TV

Сообщение AlexAmery » 18 июл 2018, 19:19


We got ourselves digital TV a few months ago. It sure was a messy business getting it set up at first, though that isnt the issue now. We live quite far from the transmitter so we had some trouble getting good signal. It usually works now, the only problem we are having now is when snow mobiles pass close to the house. The picture and sound disappears if there´s a snow mobile within maybe 30 meters or so. No problems with cars or any other kind of vehicles, only happens with snow mobiles. It really isn´t a big big problem since it wont happen often. Im just a little bit curious as to what is so special about snow mobiles. The standard used for digital TV here is DVB-T if that says anything. Anyone know anything about this? Think its fixable?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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