Fishing wire/cable in tight and cramped quarters - ideas?

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Fishing wire/cable in tight and cramped quarters - ideas?

Сообщение Robinson » 14 май 2018, 11:05


So I am attempting to run Cat5 across my upstairs living space. The easies way to accomplish this (one would think at least) would be to go into the crawlspaces (I have kneewalls) and simply run it under the floor. Howver, these are very cramped spaces indeed.
I can almost stand up (I have to hunch over) in the attic crawlspace, and I have to stand balanced on rafters to avoid stepping through the ceiling and falling into the living room below. The space between the rafters under the upstairs floor is partially blocked with old (40 years old! decaying insulation which makes it a royal biotch to push any kind of cabling the 12-24 feet or so it takes to get across the room.I have little room to maneuver anything rigid, but something on a spool perhaps, but with enough strength to punch through the old insulation?Any suggestions?

Please help.

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